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About Us

Treks n Tails dog walking aims to provide affordable luxury. If you are looking for a quality dog walker in Norwich, then look no further. At Treks n Tails we take a positive, respectful approach to dog walking at all times, with a friendly, professional and ethical ethos. Why is Treks n Tails an affordable, luxury service?

Well, it’s affordable because our prices fair well on average compared to standard dog walking in our area. More importantly, it’s a luxury service because we only ever take out very small groups of dogs that we know are compatible together. That way we’re not distracted by too many dogs and the dogs we do have get a better, more attentive walking experience. They also get the full allotted time and that doesn’t include transportation times which are catered for with separate large cages with padded floor for comfort. We are fully insured with a specialist insurer and are police checked for your peace of mind.

We do small group walks. Socialisation, particularly good for nervous and younger dogs. Solo one-to-one walks. Dog and small animal home visits, where we look after your pets in the comfort of their own home while you can’t be there. As a dog walker in Norwich, we’re always there to help.

Treks n Tails dog walking can be tailored specifically to your pet’s individual needs. We will ensure that your pets are treated with the same love, care and devotion that we treat our own animals. If you need a dog walker we’re always happy to discuss any pet care needs you may require. If you’re looking for a quality dog walker in Norwich then look no further.

At Treks n Tails we put 100% attention and effort into providing a stellar service for you and your pets. We share a love of animals and have one of our own. An energetic Border Collie cross Jack Russell dog called Oscar.

We’re passionate about dogs of all shapes and sizes, self-confessed dog lovers/addicts with many years of hands on experience.

At Treks n Tails we’re also passionate about canine nutrition, exercise and behaviour. Whether it’s walking, agility, training, or just hanging out, they never fail to amaze and inspire us. We also have many valuable contacts within the animal care industry.

If we can’t help you, we’ll do our best to find someone who can. As well as being confident and experienced, we do genuinely care about you and your pets. So, we’ll try to suggest the best arrangements for you. If that means going elsewhere, we’ll happily guide you in the right direction, toward those we know and trust.

As well as regular walks, you can also just use Treks n Tails services as and when needed. Fees are kept at a competitive rate, we also offer discounts and seasonal promotions from time to time. We have safe, comfortable and clean transportation for your loved ones and are fully insured and police checked.   For an informal chat or to book a FREE no obligation consultation call us on 01603 673337 or email us bark@treksntails.co.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you.


See What Our Customers Say

I love the service from Treks n Tails. They send me photos of every walk, which I love, and go above and beyond expectations. They are very thorough in getting to know my Pug and are passionate animal lovers. I highly recommend Treks n Tails and I am so relieved to know I can leave my house knowing my baby is in good hands.


Treks n Tails walk our 2 dogs every weekday for an hour. They are very professional and courteous. They are always there for us, and have helped us through a few emergency dog walking needs. And, and our dogs absolutely love their walks. I’m happy to provide her a 5 star review!!

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