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Pet Visits

Not a Problem

Treks N Tails offers Pet Visits for your convenience. As well as feeding pets and checking on their welfare, we can also let your pets out, walk with them and care for their needs, whether they’re a puppy, an older pet or cat or gerbil

Some dogs prefer to stay in their own home during the day rather than going to dog day care and some owners prefer them to be there to watch over the house.

Whatever the reason, We provide a pet sitting service where we visit your pet at home during the day. We can visit your pet as many times as you like during the day.


Dog care is a service ideally suited to puppies and older dogs. They often require a different level of care. If you are not available at certain times during the day, we offer a Pop-In Service. You may find this comforting as it can be quite distressing for both dog and owner when they have accidents in the house.

Obviously this can be to do with the dog being a puppy still learning their house-training. It can be that your dog is now of an age where the bladder or bowel doesn’t support itself as it used to. Alternatively, your dog may have a disease or illness whereby they lose control of their bodily functions.

Dog care home visits can be the solution to some of these distressing problems. With a comfort break at certain times of day dogs can relieve themselves outside. This means your dog feels much more comfortable without any additional strain to the bladder or bowel. Also, you wont have to come back to your house after work and clean up the mess! Obviously, we can’t guarantee it will be spotless, but there will certainly be little to no surprises.

Older dogs may often be in need of our dog care home visits. When your dog gets to a certain age they may need letting out for a comfort break as their bladders tend to become weaker with age. This can be very distressing for your dog as they are fully house trained and it’s upsetting for them to do their business indoors. With a toilet break at a designated time of day, the amount of daily accidents will be minimal.

  • Give your dog a walk

  • Feed your dog

  • Lots of kisses and cuddles

  • Not left for long periods

  • Let your dog outside in your garden for a while

Cats & Small Animals

Cats and small animals service is provided for you and your pet’s comfort and ease. Keeping your pets in their own home will minimise disruption to their routine. This is often a kinder, more favorable option. They will suffer a minimal amount of stress compared to that of staying in a cattery while you’re away.

Home care is a positive alternative to larger pet boarding facilities. These facilities can sometimes be unsuited to your cat and small animals needs. It is also a great deal more convenient. Especially so for cats who have a familiar territory around their own home.

We will provide adequate food and fresh water daily. We also make sure they have a clean environment. Litter trays will be changed regularly and we will keep their cages and bedding clean and tidy. Treks n Tails will give plenty of stimulation and cuddles for your cats and small animals.

  • Feeding, giving fresh water daily

  • Time spent with them so they don’t miss their daily cuddles

  • Clean litter trays where necessary

Small Animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc..)

  • Food and water provided daily

  • Cages cleaned out

  • Treats given if necessary

  • Cuddles

What you would need to provide…

  • Cat litter / bedding
  • Old news papers
  • Food and treats
  • Some toys
  • Brushes if needed

Daily visits include:

  • Watering plants
  • Putting the bins out
  • Opening/closing curtains
  • Post collection
  • More…

Keys All keys will be kept safe until you return home, then returned to you by arranging a final visit to to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.  There is no additional charge for key pick-ups, or drop-offs.   So, all this with the added convenience of coming straight home to your pet after a long tiring journey. Avoiding any additional journeys to and from boarding facilities to collect your cats and small animals can be a very welcome relief.

In Summary:

  • We fit in around your pet’s needs

  • For dogs or cats or small pets.

  • Fed, interactive play, out to toilet, water top-up, comforted and settled, medicated if required.

Ideal for …

  • Dogs / Cats that are pregnant or have just had a litter

  • Puppies / Kittens

  • Dogs / Cats on restricted exercise

  • Senior pets


See What Our Customers Say

I love the service from Treks n Tails. They send me photos of every walk, which I love, and go above and beyond expectations. They are very thorough in getting to know my Pug and are passionate animal lovers. I highly recommend Treks n Tails and I am so relieved to know I can leave my house knowing my baby is in good hands.


Treks n Tails walk our 2 dogs every weekday for an hour. They are very professional and courteous. They are always there for us, and have helped us through a few emergency dog walking needs. And, and our dogs absolutely love their walks. I’m happy to provide her a 5 star review!!

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